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We are the Knights of St. Michael the Archangel

It is not you who have chosen Me.

It is I who have chosen you!

John 15:16

Youth Evangelization Initiative Devoted to Christ and His Mother

Welcome! We Invite You To Join Us In Defending,

explaining and building the Kingdom of God. 

Defender of the Church

Welcome to our website! Here you can learn the true teachings of the Catholic Church, grow your faith, strengthen your resolve to serve God and His people and enrich your spirituality. We speak to topics and issues that currently threaten our faith. We're all called by God & His Church to join in the "New Evangelization" (Spread the Gospel) using the new technologies of cyberspace & social media

Several years ago, a former Auxilary Bishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Mpls said, "Cyberspace is into another country. People have described the young generation, that uses social media, as the 'natives' .....the rest of us are like the immigrants."

Pope Benedict XVI, at that time, urged using the social media to promote the new evangelization.

Pope Francis has called us all, especially youth, to be Missionaries Without Borders, utilizing media.

But, how can we do it if we don't know our faith?

You can be relevant immediately, regardless of your faith and spiritual levels or background. You just need an open mind and desire to know Jesus.

HOW?We will email you 20-second to several minute video clips that enlighten and entertain. The videos are self-contained testimonies, Q&A, and content from kids, teens and young adults just like yourself - youth teaching youth in a format and style you might eventually want to do yourself. 

You just forward the clips and your sharing the content is evangelizing. You don't have to speak.

You'll be a Spiritual GPS leading people to Truth! 

You can view each of the clips before you forward so if someone calls to discuss it, you'll be able to share your thoughts and learn with your friends.

While you are having fun engaging in dialogue (chatter) with classmates, fellow parishioners, friends, you can be providing a teaching moment for you and person(s) to whom you email the videos. You can also make them available via Facebook or other social media. You will be "evangelizing!" You don't have to explain the videos; that's already done for you. If your friends ask you questions, just say, "Well, let's look at another video to get more insight."

These videos are " portions of teaching that can easily be digested. Marketing experts call these small doses of info "sound bites" and are intended for today's busy people who always seem to be on the go. People are used to hearing sound bites as commercials on TV, radio, and internet. Advertisers say we need to hear the same or similar message 8-9 times before it begins to register.

Many of us don't have the discipline to pick up the Bible or Catechism to read for 1-2 hours every day but our attention span can generally handle several minutes of audio and/or video - like a commercial from God. If we continue to hear a sound bite from Sacred Scripture daily, faith begins to grow as our ears become tuned in to hearing the Word of God.

The more we see and hear the Word, the more it registers in the brain, then starts to overflow into our hearts and begins to come out of our mouths. It is a cycle that develops ears-for-hearing and eyes-for-seeing. Have you heard the term "On fire for Christ"? That is what will happen if you stick with a daily routine. You will become a game changer not just in your spiritual life but in the world. You will truly be an ambassador for Christ, the Catholic faith and be one of our future leaders in the world.

It's recommended that you share these videos with your siblings, parents, grandparents relatives. The New Evangelization calls for family, local Church universal levels.

Please pray this call to be the best you can be - this will lead to Holiness which is the challenge from our Father in Heaven. He gave us His utmost for our Highest when He gave us His Son. Jesus likewise gave us His utmost for our Highest when He completed the work of the cross. Now it's our turn to give our utmost for His Highest.