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We are the Knights of St. Michael the Archangel

It is not you who have chosen Me.

It is I who have chosen you!

John 15:16

Youth Evangelization Initiative Devoted to Christ and His Mother

WELCOME! If you want to know Jesus, you have come to the right place regardless of your age - toddlers to Adults. It's not quite the same as meeting anyone else. He knows everything about you, even your deepest secrets and what is authentic about you. Don't worry, He loves you as you are but He wants you to love Him with your whole rt, soul, mind might! Do you? Do you want to? If "yes" then your goal ought to be; to achieve maximum spiritual muscles & faith fitness.

This is similar to when you decide to begin a physical fitness program. You will want to first determine your current state of wellness. Are your spiritual muscles atrophied from inactivity? Are you concerned about your spiritual intake (garbage in, garbage out)? What is the condition of your heart for Christ? A hardened heart needs softening and massaging to enable it to connect with your mind.

The spiritual warfare in which we are called to engage a marathon and you need to make it to the battlefield, let alone "fight the good fight of faith" as St. Paul said. Click the following yellow text to view how spiritual and physical workouts are as one.

Left click on the yellow text to understand how to combine spiritual/physical workout.

The Rosary Workout developed by Peggy Bowes, Certified Health/Wellness Trainer. Left click.

For all other spiritual workouts, you first need to have a plan. This page and its many links will place you in the hands of an assortment of professional "Spiritual Trainers" who will lead, guide, push, challenge and assist you to be the best you can be based on your age, maturity, level of spirituality and interest. You can do this at your pace, in your comfort zone and choose your trainers according to your interests and development. Everyone is at a different level but all will grow in faith through:

3 C's: Conviction, Confidence & Commitment.

Let's start with a self-review & a plan.

You can begin evangelizing (distributing video clips) via your social media network NOW, as this will help you in formulating your plan.