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We are the Knights of St. Michael the Archangel

It is not you who have chosen Me.

It is I who have chosen you!

John 15:16

Youth Evangelization Initiative Devoted to Christ and His Mother

How To Join & Get Started:

The services described on prior pages for unlimited use of video and other content are without charge.

The only requirement is a one time purchase of a disc or disc set that a Youth Minister, Religious Education Staff, Teacher, Home School, Faith Formation Director, Church, School, or individual desires to use. We assume a school may just want one set of each season as it can then be used by unlimited numbers of students each year without any renewal charge or additional fees. The free internet distribution of video clips is included with the purchase of any particular DVD disc or set of discs produced or distributed by EWTN.

If you already have a single DVD or DVD disc set, you will also qualify for the video clip service discussed. Simply check the DVD case that was sent to you and on the reverse side, lower bottom right, there will be a "Bar Code" (Scan Code) with an alpha-numeric line of digits below the bar code. Just inform us by email or phone about what the digits are. Be sure to include the email address to where the video clips are to be sent and we will include you in the confidential, video, email distribution list for that specific disc or disc set.

The charge for a single DVD or 2-3 DVD set is available through our organization at a 55% discount. The retail price from EWTN for a single DVD or DVD set is $20 plus shipping via UPS ground rates which averages about $3 per set or individual disc. Through, you would only pay $9 for a single disc or 2-3 disc set plus a $7 shipping charge. To get the $9 price, we have to order in minimum units of 10 disc and/or sets. Since EWTN will not "drop ship" at the wholesale prices, we are required to pay them, then they UPS the order to us and we then send to you via USPS 1st class at the projected cost of $4. This includes the protective "bubble" mailer to send via USPS and the fee that PayPal charges per transaction. We are a non-profit and are charging only actual costs which will not include fees for our handling.

We are meeting with Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Professionals in the archdiocese for suggestions regarding procedures, other details and fine tuning any quirks discovered. We also welcome your input regardless of your diocese's affiliation. We will update this page accordingly.

To order DVD or set, click here for Check Out page.

Thank you for your interest! God Bless You.

Area Coordinators