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We are the Knights of St. Michael the Archangel

It is not you who have chosen Me.

It is I who have chosen you!

John 15:16

Youth Evangelization Initiative Devoted to Christ and His Mother




Most non-Catholics are taught how to Evangelize.

Seems most Catholics are not sure what it means.

Only 4 Non-Catholics produce 1 convert annually.

807 Catholics produce only 1 convert annually.


If every Catholic brought 1 convert into the Church each year, we would be a Catholic society in 3 yrs.

Now that we better understand the problem, isn't it about time that we Catholics begin to Evangelize?

The easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to evangelize is to start sending these video clips and those from the next and other pages, herein,

especially if you are lacking in Church teachings. You'll learn as you evangelize using these videos. You can also build your faith and knowledge using the eGYM, Matthew Kelly material, other pages. You can be effective as a Media Missionary NOW. You will be a spiritual GPS pointing to the TRUTH.

Try it. When you decide to be the best version of yourself by growing in holiness, join the Knights!