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We are the Knights of St. Michael the Archangel

It is not you who have chosen Me.

It is I who have chosen you!

John 15:16

Youth Evangelization Initiative Devoted to Christ and His Mother


CATHOLIC CHURCH. See What We Are To Defend

There are estimated to be 70 million Catholics in the United States and 1.2 billion in the world!, But many don't know the faith, left the Church, are church-shopping, don't attend Mass weekly, do not receive sacraments, have done little to learn the Catholic faith even though the Church thoroughly defined Sacred Scripture & Sacred Tradition in the

"Catechisim of the Catholic Church"

Have you read it recently? It was updated through the direction of Pope John Paul II. The Doctrines were not changed or diluted to appease society. They still assure that TRUTH is not outdated, but relevant. TRUTH is not a something........... It is a somebody - His name is JESUS, The Eternal Word, and He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Most Catholics are likely on a continuum ranging from a strong "blind" faith commitment to having some questions needing to be answered such as:

Is Jesus still relevant?

Is the Catholic Church still relevant?

What is the future of Catholicism?

What are we celebrating?

What is the authentic life?

What is Holiness?

What is our essential purpose?

Why has Christianity been rejected?

To whom does the future belong?

What are you willing to give your life for?

Why have we abandoned the Rosary?

What should we focus on?

What should we read?

How do you find your place?

Are we willing to change?

Where do we start?

Fortunately there are answers to these and many other concerns we all need to address if we are going to be part part of the Catholic solution and not the world's problem! Next Page for answers.